Note: mtools' floppy daemon requires/abuses X11's libXau authorization library, which might not be available out-of-the-box on all systems (in particular HP-UX).
Moreover, floppyd.c uses the setenv() function which seemingly is not available on all platforms and hence has to be replaced by putenv() on e.g. AIX, HP-UX.
Download mtools source archive. Unpack the sources, e.g.:
gunzip -c mtools-3.9.10.tar.gz | tar -xvf -
cd mtools-3.9.10

Compilation (V3.9.10)

Follow the instructions in the README and INSTALL. i.e.


./configure                           --prefix=/tmp/mtools-3.9.10 # install into temporary directory
# or:
./configure CC=cc CFLAGS="-O2"        --prefix=/tmp/mtools-3.9.10 # use native compiler

make clean
make install

HP-UX 11.00

./configure --prefix=/tmp/mtools-3.9.10                   # install into temporary directory
./configure --prefix=/tmp/mtools-3.9.10 --disable-floppyd # w/o floppy daemon
./configure --prefix=/tmp/mtools-3.9.10 --x-includes=/nfs/local/1100/include --x-libraries=/nfs/local/1100/lib # with aberrant locations for Xau
make clean
make install


Example, with the temporary installation directory above:
cd /tmp/mtools-3.9.10
tar -cvf - * | compress > /d/bio/biodev/DUX/ALPHA/51/mtools-3.9.10.tar.Z

Last update: 14-Jun-2009, M.Kraemer

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