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Motif Demos

Collection of utilities to demo Motif programming:
        DragAndDrop - an example of Drag and Drop functionality.
        clipboard   - an example of clipboard actions.
        dogs        - an example of how to subclass a primitive widget.
        hellomotif  - traditional hellomotif.
        helloint    - an internationalized version of hellomotif.
        motifanim   - simple animation showing icon/bitmap use in UIL.
        moitfburger - an example of a UIL/Xm program.
        motifgif    - a GIF viewer with Motif interface.
        motifshell  - a simple shell environment created using Motif.
        periodic    - a display of all Motif widgets.
        textedit    - an example text editor.
        uilsymdump  - an example of using the uilsymdump function.
        view        - an internationalized text viewer.
        xmpiano     - a music application using Motif.
        xmsamplers  - a directory of Motif functionality examples.
        xmtravel    - a simulated travel agent database front-end.

Compilation (V1.2)

Straightforward using make/imake. The default installation goes into /usr, if you don't want that, modify the Makefiles/Imakefiles accordingly.

AIX 4.2 specifics

The Imakefiles need a lot of adaptions, to be documented later.
If done, run:
xmkmf -a
make install

HP-UX 10.20 specifics

Some demos are built using the uil compiler, which requires the shared library libMrm.1. Ensure that it is in the library path:
export SHLIB_PATH=$SHLIB_PATH:/usr/lib/Motif1.2

Modify Makefiles:

INSTALL = bsdinst

BINDIR = /usr/bin/X11
BINDIR = /tmp/Xm1.2

MKDIRHIER = /usr/bin/sh $(BINDIR)/mkdirhier
MKDIRHIER = /usr/bin/sh mkdirhier

LIBDIR = /tmp/Xm1.2/lib/X11

DEPUIL = /usr/dt/bin/uil

Modify motifshell/Makefile:

           DOCDIR = /tmp/Xm1.2/doc
install:: motif
	@if [ -d $(DESTDIR)$(DOCDIR) ]; then set +x; \
	else (set -x; $(MKDIRHIER) $(DESTDIR)$(DOCDIR)); fi

Then run:
make clean
make install


AIX 4.2 specifics

Looks like the C runtime might have to be included in the library search path:
export LIBPATH=$LIBPATH:/lib

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