System info and process monitor. Comprises the monitor, fps, uptime, loadavgLED commands, as well as the loadavgd daemon.


Configuration (AIX 3.2, V1.12)

Seems to work out-of-the-box.

Configuration (AIX >=4, V2.x)

To allow ordinary users to use monitor on AIX, access to /dev/mem and /dev/kmem has to be enabled. This is accomplished by means of acl options.
  1. Check if the group kmem exists (lsgroup kmem). If not, create it, either locally or on the appropriate NIS server.
  2. Create (or use an already existing) file monitor.acl
    base permissions
        owner(root):  r--
        group(system):  r--
        others:  ---
    extended permissions
        permit   r--     g:kmem
        permit   r--     g:kmem
        permit   r--     g:kmem
    (Existing acl-options can be read out by aclget /dev/mem > monitor.acl )
  3. Set the acl-options
    aclput -i monitor.acl /dev/mem
    aclput -i monitor.acl /dev/kmem
  4. Modify the binary's permissions:
    chgrp kmem monitor
    chmod g+s  monitor

Tru64, Ultrix

To allow all users to monitor change the binary:
chgrp kmem monitor
chmod g+s  monitor

Last update: 21-Jun-2009, M.Kraemer

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