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libjbig is a C function library to provide ISO JBIG support. It includes command line tools (jbgtopbm, jbgtopbm85, pbmtojbg, pbmtojbg85).

Compilation (2003-06-11)

Just follow the instructions, i.e. modify the Makefile, libjbig/Makefile and pbmtools/Makefile to your needs, then run
   make clean

After compilation, you may run make test for a verification run. Mine failed partially due to several missing sample files.


In the Makefiles:
CC = cc

# replace
make -C ../libjbig libjbig.a
# by
(cd ../libjbig; make libjbig.a)

Installation (2003-06-11)

There's no make install, you have to copy library, header files and man pages to their final destination manually:
   mkdir -p /tmp/libjbig/lib
   cp -p ./libjbig/libjbig85.a /tmp/libjbig/lib

   mkdir -p /tmp/libjbig/bin
   cp -p ./pbmtools/jbgtopbm   /tmp/libjbig/bin
   cp -p ./pbmtools/jbgtopbm85 /tmp/libjbig/bin
   cp -p ./pbmtools/pbmtojbg   /tmp/libjbig/bin
   cp -p ./pbmtools/pbmtojbg85 /tmp/libjbig/bin

   mkdir -p /tmp/libjbig/
   cp -p ./libjbig/*.h         /tmp/libjbig/

   mkdir -p /tmp/libjbig/man/man1
   cp -p ./pbmtools/*.1 /tmp/libjbig/man/man1
   mkdir -p /tmp/libjbig/man/man5
   cp -p ./pbmtools/*.5 /tmp/libjbig/man/man5

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