Gnu's make utility


Straightforward. Run for example:
make distclean

configure  --prefix=/tmp/gmake-3.82 CC=cc CFLAGS="-O2 -D_LARGE_FILES" # AIX, native compilers

make clean
make install                             # goes into /tmp/gmake-3.82
Note that before makeing and cleaning an existing make binary should be removed.

HP-UX 9.1

Observation: cc barfs in getloadavg.c at the line(s)
  struct pst_dynamic dyn_info;
  if (pstat_getdynamic (  &dyn_info, sizeof (dyn_info), 0, 0) < 0)
    return -1;
probably because /usr/include/sys/pstat.h has function prototypes before struct definitions.
Remedy: change /usr/include/sys/pstat.h (a good idea ?) or modify getloadavg.c:
  if (pstat_getdynamic (  (void *) &dyn_info, sizeof (dyn_info), 0, 0) < 0)


Once installed, one may override the target system's native make by defining an alias, e.g.:
alias  make='/nfs/local/1100/gmake-3.81/bin/make'

Last update: 14-May-2013, M.Kraemer