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FORTRAN-to-C translator



This package (i.e. its sources) appears to be very strangely organized and partially incomplete (sysdeptest.c is missing in the latest release). There's no comprehensive source archive, no versioning, so I used sth like
wget -r -e robots=off
to get what appeared to be the sources. Then
  1. cd src     
    make clean
    cd ..
    Note that the Makefile might need adaption of CFLAGS.
  2. manually copy binaries, man pages etc to its final location


This version seems to be better organized. The source for the f2c is in src, the libf2c comes as an extra zip file which I unpacked into an extra lib directory.
  1. mkdir lib; cd lib
    cp -p makefile.u Makefile # modify LDFLAGS=-r for AIX
                              # add/modify the "install" section, if so desired:     
                              # LIBDIR=/tmp/f2c-20100827/lib
                              # INCDIR=/tmp/f2c-20100827/
    make clean
    make f2c.h      
    make install       
  2. Compile the executable:
    cd ../src     
    cp -p makefile.u Makefile      
                              # add an "install" section, if so desired     
    make clean
    make install       


Last updated: Tue, May 28, 2013 10:44:17 AM , M.Kraemer

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