A free MS Word document reader. It converts the documents from Word 6, 7, 97 and 2000 to text and Postscript. Antiword tries to keep the layout of the document intact.

Compilation (V0.37)

Compilation from scratch is easy, since no autoconf crap is necessary. Makefiles for various UNIX systems already exist, either use them directly are set the appropriate softlink.
Adaption is straightforward, e.g. for installation target:
GLOBAL_INSTALL_DIR   = /tmp/antiword-0.37/bin
GLOBAL_RESOURCES_DIR = /tmp/antiword-0.37/share/antiword
A simple make clean; make creates the binaries. With
make global_install 
installation to a root-writable common location is possible, just adapt the settings in the Makefile.

Installation & configuration

antiword needs "mapping files" in a resources directory. Set the corresponding environment variable where appropriate, e.g:
export ANTIWORDHOME=/usr/local/share/antiword
Tips & Tricks exist to plug antiword into Netscape and Mozilla
Last update: 4-Oct-2008, M.Kraemer

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