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Platform availability

  2005 2007 2010 2011
alpha-linux    x
amd64-freebsd    x
amd64-kfreebsd    x
i386-cygwin    x
i386-freebsd    x
i386-kfreebsd    x
i386-linux    x
i386-netbsd    x
i386-solaris    x
mips-irix    x
powerpc-aix    x
powerpc-linux    x
sparc-linux    x
sparc-solaris    x
universal-darwin    x
win32    x
x86_64-darwin    x
x86_64-linux    x
x86_64-solaris    x



In principle straightforward from CD/DVD. However, I think in
# wrong:
trap ... 0 1 2 15
# right:
trap ...   1 2 15


Takes about 2.5GB on disk.
Needs perl to install :-(( It seems that v5.8.0 is too old, gives
Can't locate object method "format_lines_per_page" via package "IO::Handle" at tlpkg/TeXLive/ line 334,  line 9.
Should work from v5.8.8 upwards.

Needs xzdec to unpack :-((
Fortunately the binaries for the supported platforms can be found in the texlive/tlpkg/installer/xz/ subdirectory. One has to copy the appropriate executable into a $PATHable directory (as xzdec!). Then

mount -r -t cdrfs /dev/cd0 /cdrom # AIX example to mount the DVD, if not yet done
                                  # or loop mount the ISO, if supported by the OS
cd /cdrom/texlive
and answer the questions. It's straightforward.


If additional classes, style files etc are added after the initial installation, run
to update the varios ls-R files. Otherwise they won't be recognized when referenced in your TeX sources.
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