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xmin xmax


Define or change coordinates of display windows or conditions in the current one-dimensional spectrum display



Window to be defined or changed. Valid window identifiers are


If specified, the limits of window2 are stored into window1. Valid window identifiers are



Lower and upper x-values. If specified, the values are stored into window1.
If window2 and xmin,xmax are omitted, the cursor is activated twice to obtain lower and upper x-values. The corresponding channel numbers are stored into window1.


The cursor appears. Starting at identifier window1, the display windows (in alphabetical order) or analyzer conditions (in numerical order) are defined by the x-values specified within a cursor loop.


The specified window(s) are not marked and their contents is not displayed in the picture.


Debug switch. Lots of output !


The specified window(s) are created (display windows only) or changed. Conditions must already exist. They can be created, for example, with the analyzer command AMOD.
Display windows and conditions always have the same dimensionality as the analyzer they are belonging to. Therefore, when creating a window of an analyzer with more than one dimension (display windows only!), the projection limits of the actual display are stored as window limits along the not displayed dimension(s). This is not valid for conditions, which are always created independent of the display environment (e.g. with the analyzer commands AGEN, AMOD).
When changing windows with this command (display windows as well as conditions), only the limits along the displayed dimension are affected.
If not inhibited, the windows are marked in the display, and their contents are written into the picture.


In the context of the display environment, display windows and analyzer condition have the same functionality. Display windows, however, do not affect analysis programs.
This command may be used to copy limits between both types of windows, the display windows, and the conditions.


DSW  H  #
The limits of the current display are stored into the display window H.
D  A2  LIST / DIM(2)                                             
The analyzer A2.LIST may have two dimensions, and a projection to the second dimension is drawn along the x-axis. The x-limits, that means the limits for the second dimension in this case, are defined or changed by a cursor loop for the display windows H, I, J, etc.. The actual projection limits are stored as display window limits along the first dimension.
DSW  6 / L N
Conditions number 6 and following (as far as existing) are set by a cursor loop without marking in the picture. Their contents is not displayed.
DSW  ? / L
The next free display windows are defined in alphabetical order by a cursor loop.
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