SATAN Installation
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Minimum prerequisites to install and run are:


It is recommended to keep all SATAN-related files in a single directory. Assume the installation directory is SATAN. Then:
  1. cd SATAN
  2. Download the tar'ed and compressed file 'SATAN.<os>.<ddddr>.tar.Z' or 'SATAN.<os>.<ddddr>.tar.gzip' where <os> stands for the operating system, e.g. AIX or Linux,
    and <ddddr> denotes some version number, e.g. 0112c
  3. unpack it, e.g.:
    zcat SATAN.AIX.0112c.tar.Z | tar -xvf -
    (you might also use separate calls of uncompress and tar)
  4. Define the shell variable $SATAN to point to the SATAN directory:
    export SATAN=`pwd`
    This is the quick and dirty way. To be permanent you must define the shell variable in your login script (e.g. .profile if you use the ksh)
  5. Also, upgrade your command path:
    export PATH=$SATAN/bin:$PATH
This should be sufficient. As a test you could run SATAN with a tutorial
tut fleg

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