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SATAN Documentation

At present the SATAN documentation is available only in online form. Some time in the future there might also be a paper version. Sources of information are:

The long WWW write-up

This is the most complete documentation available. It is part of a proper installation and since you are reading this it seems you have already found it.

The builtin HELP facility

At present the builtin HELP command gives short information about commands and their parameters. It is no full documentation, you might view it as a reminder.
help *
lists all commands
help help
lists the parameters defined for the HELP command itself.

The man pages

This is the UNIX standard help facility. It is available for the UNIX shell commands only. NOTE: the man pages are not yet implemented.

The tutorial

Within a SATAN session, several command (EXEC) lists are provided to demonstrate the usage and functionality of some important SATAN commands. They may be executed with the SATAN-Command TUTORIAL:
The first command gives a list of available tutorials. The following commands call command lists to show some of the possibilities of the SATAN fit package.
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Last updated:, 3-Aug-1999

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