NCBridge software installation



Example for an IBM AIX host:


  1. On the boot server mount the NCBridge CD, e.g.:
    mount -r -v cdrfs /dev/cd0 /cdrom
  2. On the boot server, choose/create the target directory, e.g.:
    cd /applfs/applb00
    mkdir NCBridge-4.0
    cd NCBridge-4.0
  3. extract the install script
    tar -xvpf /cdrom/ibm/install.tar
    will create the tekxp directory
  4. run the install script
    cd tekxp/INSTALL
    ./INSTALL -f /cdrom/common/tekxp.tar
    and answer the questions. You may install just everything (approx 150 MB).

Configure the boot server

  1. Adapt the configuration file tekxp/boot/config/xp.cnf:
    ##***** Network Configuration *****
    nfs_table "" "/usr/lib/X11/fonts" "8192"
    gateway_table "" ""
    ##***** TCP/IP Configuration *****
    enable_name_service YES
    default_domain_suffix ""
    dns_retries 5
    dns_timeout 5
    enable_broadcasts YES
    ##***** X Environment Configuration *****
    default_visual TRUECOLOR
    root_depth 24
    retain_x_settings NO
    backing_store ENABLED
    enable_access_control YES
    host_connect_method tekhostmenu
    screen_saver OFF
    ##***** TekHostMenu Configuration *****
    thm_broadcast DISABLED
    thm_entrybox ENABLED
    xdmcp_menu_entry bio.pool
    xdmcp_menu_entry aix-pool
    xdmcp_menu_entry lx-pool
    xdmcp_keepalive OFF
    ##***** Console Configuration ************
    console_pages 16
  2. Export the /applfs/applb00/NCBridge-4.0/tekxp/ directory to allow NFS mounts.
  3. In fonts.tbl define additional fonts:
  4. Enable bootp services (on request).
    1. In /etc/bootptab add generic templates as needed:
      # For NCD NC900 X-terminals:
      # For NCD/TekTronics XP350/400 X-terminals:
    2. In /etc/inetd.conf enable the bootps line and ensure that /etc/services has defined the appropriate port numbers:
      bootps          67/udp                          # bootp server port
      bootpc          68/udp                          # bootp client port
    3. Refresh
      refresh -s inetd
  5. xdm ?

Apply patches

Fetch them from their current location.
Older patches were at NCD support (dead site) (offline mirrors exist),
or their ftp server (dead site) (offline mirrors exist).
Patches come as a bunch of archives in different formats:
where xx is the current patch level. xx='10' was August 2002, current (Dec 2007) is xx='13'. A particular patch level comprises n=1..4 file sets, for common stuff, model dependent stuff, Netscape, etc., see the README.INSTALL for details.
To install, switch to some temporary directory and unpack (will need about 100MB):
  1. cd /tmp
    zcat p1v4013.tar.Z | tar -xvf - 
    zcat p2v4013.tar.Z | tar -xvf - 
    zcat p3v4013.tar.Z | tar -xvf - 
    zcat p4v4013.tar.Z | tar -xvf - 
    will create a directory patchV4.0.13
  2. cd patchV4.0.13
    ./INSTALL_PATCH /applfs/applb00/NCBridge-4.0/tekxp/boot
  3. answer the questions and the patches will be copied where they belong.

Last updated: 27-Jan-2011, M.Kraemer

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