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Specific Notes

Changing Display resolution

  1. reboot with control-alt-delete (note that you really do need to use the key labelled alt, not the meta key)
  2. press any key to stop it from booting
  3. use the appropriate command to change the resolution: "selftest monset n" where n is a number corresponding to the resolution, refresh rate, and display size/type desired. The "selftest monset" command with no argument will list as many monitor types as are supported by the logic module and also display the current settings. 132 is optimal value for some of the ViewSonic flat panels, 131 is optimal for VG191 models. 132 means 1280x1024, 85Hz, 19inch. 131 is the same except 75Hz.
  4. type "boot" to continue booting with the new changes.







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