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gd Long Write-Up

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Fit commands Miscellaneous commands GCOPY Copy a picture to another device GDCLOSE Close the current output device GDESCR Write data description (legend) GDISP Display (plot) data GEXIT/EXIT/QUIT Exit the program GEXPAND Expand parts of the display GIMAGE Read bitmapped images GLINE Draw a line interactively GMODE Set global modes GOVER Overlay a picture GPARAMETERS List actual display parameters GPCLOSE Close the current output device GPLOT Display (plot) data GPOS Pick up coordinates interactively GPRESET Preset display parameters GREAD Read data GSAVE Save data and display parameters GSWINDOW Set a display window GTUTORIAL Start the tutorial GWRITE Write a text on the plot GXEXPAND Expand the display horizontally GYEXPAND Expand the display vertically
Last updated:, 17-Dec-2003

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