gd Command Syntax

The command syntax of gd differs from the conventions used in the underlying operating systems.


   GWRITE blabla / X(20) Y(30)

   GWRITE is the command name.
   blabla is a positional command parameter.
          It is identified by its position as first parameter after the command name.
          Additional positional command parameters may be defined as second, third, ...
          parameter after the command name.
          Some positional command parameters may be required, others are optional.
   X(20) and Y(30) are keyword command parameters with values enclosed in parantheses.
          They can appear in any order. All keyword command parameters are optional.

Positional and keyword command parameters are separated by a slash (/).
The slash may also be repeated within a list of keyword parameters:

   GWRITE blabla / X(20) / Y(30)

Slashes in positional parameter strings (e.g. filenames) may be protected from
being interpreted as a separator by enclosing the whole string in double quotes:

   GREAD  "mydir/myfile"
   GWRITE "a/b"