AIX 3.2/3.1 Installation from mksysb

This is particularly easy with AIX 3, since all drivers are always on board, so it is possible to restore on a completely different hardware configuration.


The mksysb media, of course, and an appropriate drive, 8mm or 4mm DAT. For AIX 3.1, an IBM branded device might be necessary.
Installation on workstations, i.e. with mouse, keyboard and monitor attached might require an original RS/6000 keyboard (Model M with speaker). Otherwise it will hang on LED c31, i.e. console selection. Installation via serial console is an alternative option.
Boot floppies are only required for additional trouble shooting, available here (and I have copies too).

Restoring the system

From tape

  1. Switch system key to "Service"/"Wartung".
  2. Connect tape drive, insert mksysb tape.
  3. Reset or power on the machine. It will boot and install directly off the tape, just answer the questions.
It is possible to restore to a larger disk than the original one. However, I once encountered troubles because restore could not create the necessary boot records, due to the /tmp/ filesystem being too small.
In this case one may increase /tmp/ and create the boot records manually. Choose "2" from the offered menu of options, then:
export TERM=vt220
smitty             # follow menus to increase /tmp/, a few megabytes should suffice
bosboot -a -l /dev/hd5 -d /dev/hdisk0

What next?

If the root password is not known, follow this procedure.
Likewise, if the boot process hangs due to unavailable resources, enter maintenance mode and fix the problem, e.g as described in this procedure.
Last update: 15-Aug-2009, M.Kraemer

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