Time client setup

Usually ntp comes with the OS (bos.net.tcp.client). If not, e.g. for AIX versions <4.1.5, it may be obtained as extra freeware and installed e.g. under /opt, with appropriate links in /opt/bin
  1. Immediate synchronization with e.g.:
       /usr/sbin/ntpdate de.pool.ntp.org
       # or:
       /opt/bin/ntpdate  de.pool.ntp.org 
  2. The file /etc/ntp.conf must contain the entries:
       server timeserver1.gsi.de # GSI only !
       server de.pool.ntp.org
       driftfile /var/ntp.drift
       tracefile /var/ntp.trace
  3. The file /etc/environment should define the correct time zone:

Last update: 29-Dec-2012, M.Kraemer

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