AIX network configuration

  1. IP name and name resolution
    smit - Communications Applications and Services - TCP/IP - Minimum Configuration & Startup
    Select your adapter and insert your internet address.
  2. The file /etc/resolv.conf should look like
  3. The configuration file /etc/netsvc.conf
    is needed to ensure fast domain name resolution. Should look like
    which specifies that for IP name resolution /etc/hosts should be looked up first (leave out the nis entry if NIS won't be active).
    /etc/netsvc.conf together with /etc/hosts is mandatory for a router solution which otherwise passes all DNS requests to the outside world.
  4. For machines not resolving via an external name server, some important host addresses (e.g. for install or file servers) should already now be entered in /etc/hosts, e.g.:  rs6kf    # example for a home server 

Last update: 20-Jan-2014, M.Kraemer