Mirroring an AIX volume group

  1. configure additional disks (if not yet recognized)
      smit -C
      Devices - Install/Configure Devices Added After IPL
  2. add disks to existing VG's
      smit -C
      System Storage Management - LVM - Volume Groups - Set Characteristics ... - Add a Physical Volume to a Volume Group
  3. Mirror the volume group,

  4. Switch off the disk quorum for the volume group.
      smit -C
      System Storage Management - Volume Groups - Set Characteristics ... - Change a Volume Group
    selection list via F4 key. Fill the following entries (example for tkrvg) and submit.
      * VOLUME GROUP name                                   tkrvg
      * Activate volume group AUTOMATICALLY                 yes                     +
          at system restart?
      * A QUORUM of disks required to keep the volume       no                      +
         group on-line ?
  5. Ensure synchronization of mirror and original, e.g.:
      syncvg -v rootvg
      syncvg -v  tkrvg

Last update: 3-Jan-2007, M.Kraemer

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Impressum Data privacy protection