X11 font server

The general syntax of the font server is
   xfs [ -config ConfigurationFile ] [ -ls ListenSocket ] [ -port Number ]
with the default ConfigurationFile /usr/lib/X11/fs/config and the default port number 7100. The font server should be started e.g. in /etc/rc.local:
   /usr/bin/X11/xfs &
It can be controlled by sending signals:
kill -s TERM ProcessID # Causes the font server to exit cleanly
kill -s USR1 ProcessID # Causes the server to re-read its configuration file
kill -s USR2 ProcessID # Causes the server to flush any cached data it may have
kill -s HUP  ProcessID # Causes the server to reset, closing all active connections
The server's ProcessID can be obtained by
ps -eaf | grep xfs

Adding a new font directory

  1. Let's assume a font directory /applfs/applb00/linux_fonts/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/100dpi/
  2. Add the font directory to the catalog entry in the configuration file:
    catalogue = /usr/lib/X11/fonts/, ... , /applfs/applb00/linux_fonts/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/100dpi/
  3. Start or reconfigure the font server:
    kill -s USR1 ProcessID 

Last update: 29-Nov-2007, M.Kraemer

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