Data archives

At GSI an IBM tape robot system is available to store large amounts of data on cheap magnetic tape media rather than on relatively expensive disk storage.
Also, listmode data saved from GSI's old MVS system is stored in these archive system. "Normal" MVS user data (texts, programs, etc.) are stored as a single copy (no backup !) on our data disks. The relations between old MVS userid's and archives are as follows:
MVS-uid    user    ADSM-archive owner /d/bio/

Y471       SCHARDT
Y472       SCHARDT
KC38       SCHALL                     KC38
KP09       FOPI                       KP09 
AS00       HABERER /as00
AS01       SPOHR
AS02       KRAFT   /as02 
AS03       BIO                        AS03 
AS04       FUESSEL
AS05(AP08) LENZ    /as05        bio   AS05
AS06(AP12) STREHL                     AS06
AS07       RITTER
AS08       GEISS                      AS08
AS09       SCHOLZ  /as09
AS10       KEHR                       AS10
AS11       JACOBY                     AS11
AS12       SIHVER                     AS12
AS16                                  AS16		   
RZ20       KRAEMER /rz20              RZ20
RZ66       ONLINE                     RZ66  
X852                                  X852
X855       KRAEMER /x855              X855
X864       TORI    /x864              X864

Last updated: October 23rd, 1998, M.Kraemer

Impressum Data privacy protection
Impressum Data privacy protection